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S-Priv Kit by Smok – a Halloween gift for vapers

S-Priv Kit by Smok – a Halloween gift for vapers

Release a mod specially designed for the holiday and see it becoming the main topic of discussion in the vaping community. Smok decided to make a tricky move presenting a box mod Smok S-Priv Kit.

It is a front panel that catches your attention first. For a decorative element, a skull has been used by designers. It isn’t a simple engraving, but a fully fledged element in the form of a skull. What is more, its orbits are highlighted, which looks eerily beautiful.

The color gamma is diverse: black, stainless, red, green, purple, and gold. For contrast, the orbits are highlighted with the other color.

The interesting feature of the device is that the firing button takes the whole side panel. Press any part of it and enjoy vaping.

Technical specificities:

  • dimensions: 86 × 47 × 30 mm;
  • weight – 155.4 g;
  • body material – zinc alloy and plastics;
  • charging by 2 ×18650;
  • output – 1-230 W;
  • voltage – 0.5-9 V;
  • operating mode – POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), Memory mode;
  • temperature limit - 100-315oC
  • resistance (temperature control mode) – 0.1-2.5/0.05-2 Ω;
  • connector – 510.

The mod costs $87.

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