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Remi Box Mod by Vaping Outlaws, minimalist mod from Britain

Remi Box Mod by Vaping Outlaws, minimalist mod from Britain

Vaping Outlaws is a vape company originated in the UK. The manufacturer produces devices of various segments: box mods, mechanical mods, atomizers, and even e-juices. One of the company's novelties is a mechanical mod Remi.

Thanks to its black color, device looks simple and minimalist. The only distinguishing feature is a skull engraved on the atomizer body. Start button is located on the upper side panel and fits perfectly into the overall design.

Device is available in two versions: for the 18500 and 18650 batteries. They differ only in height. For the first one it’s 70mm, for the second - 86.5mm. Depth is the same for both - 22mm.

Next to the start button is a 510 connector. Because of this design, you should pour in liquid carefully. If the tank leaks, it could be all over your button.

This mod is based on the principle of batteries parallel connection. The contact pins are made of copper, which increases conductivity.

Price varies from $90 to $120 depending on the version.

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