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U.S.1 Mod by Trinity Glass Tanks: maximum safety

U.S.1 Mod by Trinity Glass Tanks: maximum safety

Recently, Trinity Glass Tanks has produced U.S.1. mechanical mod. Let’s discover its interesting features together.

At first sight, it seems like a common cylindrical mod. But upon a closer view, one can notice that its diameter gets narrow closer to the middle and then returns to its initial form. Such a feature makes the device be comfortable to hold. It is available in three colors: black, brassy, copper and steel.

There is carving inside for reassembling. The device is also equipped with a delrin sleeve for a battery, consisting of two blocks with several extended slots.

The vent holes are placed near the connector platform. By the way, the connector is hybrid.

The button is folding. The kit includes an additional spring for it.

U.S.1 Mod by Trinity Glass Tanks is a nice mechanical mod. Its manufacturer took care not only of design but also of user’s safety. The price of the mod is ranging from $140 to $150 (depending on its material).