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How to assemble a DIY vaping device?

How to assemble a DIY vaping device?

People often shift to electronic vaping to save money. In some time, the majority understands that as a hobby vaping also requires considerable investments. For instance, a vaper with a budget box mod will eventually want to buy a cooler and more powerful device, and it is always interesting to try premium e-liquids instead of DIY juices.

In such a case, many people come up with the idea to assemble a DIY vaping device! The argument is simple: it will cost less than buying a readymade device. In fact, it is not always the case, as all component parts have their price. If the device is assembled incorrectly, you will have to buy everything once again. Therefore, it would be better not to be stingy and to buy a quality, readymade mod. Even for your personal safety that would be more reasonable.

For those who do not find these arguments convincing, we will tell how to assemble a DIY vaping device. There are 11 stages of assembling:

  • selection of wire and battery;
  • combining three or four batteries in one chain;
  • fastening using the wire;
  • building a coil with 5-6 cm of bare wire;
  • connecting the coil to the negative end of the battery;
  • fixing with the help of adhesive tape;
  • making a case from a cardboard tube;
  • placing batteries into the case;
  • preparing a cartridge and connectors;
  • bringing together the neutral terminal of the cartridge and the positive terminal of the battery on the top;
  • assembling all elements.

After you read through the list, ask yourself a question: is it worth the trouble? If you are not a professional vaper, you’d better take care of your health instead of looking for difficulties. Vaping can be enjoyed even with budget devices!