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How to blow e-cig vapor rings

How to blow e-cig vapor rings

Creating vapor rings is a simple task. Many vapers have this skill and confirm that everybody can learn this.

There are only three general ways to blow rings using electronic cigarettes.

The first one:

  • pump vapor (into lungs, not into cheeks);
  • create an “O” shape with your mouth;
  • put the tip of your tongue at the center;
  • blow vapor harshly.

The second one:

  • pump vapor (into lungs, not into cheeks);
  • create an “O” shape with your mouth;
  • stick out and toughen your lips;
  • blow vapor harshly.

The third way is not as easy as the previous ones. It is called a “W way”. This method requires the ability to pronounce W letter. As soon as you learn it, try to pronounce it vice versa. If you do it easily, follow such an algorithm of actions:

  • pump vapor into cheeks;
  • create an “O” shape with your mouth (lips should not be toughened);
  • pronounce W sound vice versa, pushing out vapor using cheeks.

Several tips on how to make e-cig vapor rings:

  • to make rings denser and thicker, you should push a small amount of vapor out your mouth before blowing;
  • vapor outflow should be almost inaudible;
  • changing a circle of lips, you can change the size and accuracy of rings;
  • to improve your skills, try to make rings of different diameter.

Surely, the first attempt can be unsuccessful. But nobody said it was easy. There is still no guide on how to make vapor rings on the first try. You should practice a lot and try all ways. Recommended time for learning to blow great rings is 2 weeks.