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Exo Armor Mod: expecting official release

Exo Armor Mod: expecting official release

Usually, we are discussing vaping devices that have been already launched and are available on the market. However, every rule has an exception. On the Internet, there are teaser photos of a new mod, the release of which is highly expected. We couldn’t omit this news. Meet Exo Armor Mod.

It was developed by a modding group of Hutchinson Designs under the careful guidance of the designer Eric Hutchinson. Brand of the device is still unknown.

The device has quite massive construction, although its weight is not big as the mod is made of 7075 aluminum. Elements of the device are made of expensive materials, including copper, silver, etc. It is powered by two 18650 batteries.

Safety measures include holes for gas outlet, produced during vaping. The mod is equipped with a hybrid connector, so users should be careful when using atomizers compatible with various coils and minimum resistance.

Peculiarity of the device is a possibility to change positions of the device components. Currently, there are more than 10 models. There is also a possibility that one on them will be approved as a “traditional” one.

Technical specifications:

  • body material: 7075 aluminum;
  • pin material: copper;
  • 18650 batteries.