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TM30 RDA: cool diameter for cool coils

TM30 RDA: cool diameter for cool coils

One of the most popular and convenient RDAs on the vaping market is Twisted Messes. Yes, it has its disadvantages but many RDA fans prefer this very model.

Since technologies are improving all the time, developers decided to make a far more powerful device with a diameter of 30 mm. Say hello to TM30 RDA.

Currently, TM30 RDA is the hugest Twisted Messes representative. Apart from the device, the user gets a screw driver and extra details in a black box.

Exteriorly, the atomizer has a common look but the specific feature is a small engraving on one side. The vaper can choose between two colors: dull black and steel. You can see a mark with a device diameter on the body ring, and company logo, model and serial number on the deck bottom.

The inside platform diameter is 30 mm, which is perfect for coils of any complexity.

The updated Twisted Messes version has an L-shaped post system, similar to the previous one. Each post has two holes with the in-built coils. The airflow system is side.

Taking into account all atomizer characteristics, it can be concluded that its production will be on the top level!