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GLOK 24 RDA, novelty from No Limits Mods

GLOK 24 RDA, novelty from No Limits Mods

No Limits Mods is not yet very well known on the vape market. But there’s more and more information on the Internet about its activities and first achievements. For example, about the GLOK 24 atomizer.

User gets a device in a small black box. It comes with spare O-rings, screws and an unusual drip tip. Atomizer is available in matted black and gray colors.

Designers chose not to focus on the looks, so they just added a company logo engraving and an interesting drip tip. Then again, minimalism has always been in fashion.

Serviced base consists of two posts with wide holes, on which you can put a variety of coils. In the middle, there’s a central post with a clamping plate for fixing the spirals.


  • model diameter - 24mm;
  • height - 24,5mm;
  • juice well - 5.5mm.

Its cost is $45.

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