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Vaping devices: how do the most expensive mods look like?

Vaping devices: how do the most expensive mods look like?

A lot of vapers wonder how world’s most expensive vape looks like. It is quite a logic question, as, besides the vaping process, many people consider this vape trend a special culture. Thus, it is not so interesting to vape standard devices anymore; one wants to buy something unusual and exclusive.

Some vapers are looking for the highest quality device, while others are fond of the coolest one. Today we will review some of the most expensive mods that have already caught attention of true vape collectors.

The Gimmik by Athea

Being known by Zippo lighters, Athea has created a tiny vape gadget called The Gimmik. It is the mechanical mod with the in-built genesis. Electronics is absent. The mod operates on a single 18650 battery.

There is the e-liquid tank inside the gadget. The special stick is put into it and serves as a vaporizer and e-liquid supply tool. A coil is installed on the net mounted on the stick.

This mechanical mod costs 360 dollars.

Victorian by Amber mods

It is indeed the coolest vape thing! Moreover, it can be referred to a jewelry item. The basic device material is 925 sterling silver. Brass has been also used to provide higher strength. The start button is made of amber.

The device operates on a 26650 battery. The mod diameter is 32 mm.

Such a device has a corresponding price: 1180 dollars.

Drop Box DNA40 by Amber mods

Drop Box is produced of stabilized wood, amber, and metal. Wood stabilization eliminates dry rot. To make the mod more unique, the manufacturers add paint into treatment.

Distinguishing features of Amber mods are water-color blurring and color bars. It is equipped with an 18650 battery and DNA40 board.

This unique thing costs from 900 to 1200 dollars.

Battle Deck SS by COMPLYFE

The RDA is made of silver with titanium posts. Customers receive the device in the box similar to an engagement ring one.

As to functions, it has three posts with wide holes for coil building. The device along with the drip tip costs 550 dollars.