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Blade 24 Sub Ohm Tank by TESLACIGS: what is the reason of failure?

Blade 24 Sub Ohm Tank by TESLACIGS: what is the reason of failure?

It often happens in the vaping market that a company works on several projects and does not provide any information about its activities. When devices go for sale, users choose the best of all presented models. As a result, less popular models go out of production.

Similar situation took place with TESLACIGS Blade 24 atomizer. It was released alongside the other device, which turned out to be more popular. Currently, only the clone version is available on the Internet.

Atomizer comes in a black and red package, which contains information about the usage and characteristics of the device.

It looks quite standard: it does not offer any designer’s know-how. There are several engravings on the top cap and around the pin. The device uses the bottom airflow system with a lockout mechanism. The tank is compatible with manufacturer’s coils only. It does not allow installing other coils.

The main problem that bothered vapers was the leakage of all the e-liquid within 10-15 minutes of using the atomizer. The reason was that the tank failed to cope with the e-liquid pressure. That’s why it was removed from the official website.

Those who still want to test the device can buy the clone version for $20.